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Month: January 2024

Cookin’ with Gas

When I was in my 20s, a work colleague used to frequently say, “cookin’ with gas”. I thought it sounded dad-like, but it always made me smile.  When you hear something often enough, chances are, you’re going to start repeating it. So now, whenever I’m making good progress on something,

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On Working Digitally

The world of working digitally is an interesting place. A space between what’s real and what’s not. A space of pushing and pulling color and having your senses light up, yet it leaves you wanting to hold whatever “it” is, in your hands. This is the front and back of

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You’re the Best

November 10, 2023 is the first day I can remember having thoughts about starting a wholesale greeting card line. The next day, I shared the idea with several close friends over lunch. One by one, they affirmed my idea and even offered their support for when I needed it.  It

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The Latest Buzz

We’re 11 days into 2024 and I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the year. In my last post from November, I alluded to a new dream I had for my art business. Since then, I’ve let it solidify in my mind and start to take shape. And, I thought

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Photo by Moon DeSetto

Welcome to Copper House North! I’m Christina, an artist, designer, and author of The Miracle Farm. I’m here to share creativity and lessons learned while living this colorful life. Thank you for being here!

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