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A large, showy, red rose.

May 2024 Gratitude

I’m keeping the ball rolling with a monthly gratitude list. It’s a great way to reflect on all that’s happened and what’s been accomplished in the past month, so I remember to celebrate and be grateful for individual each thing. Here’s my May gratitude list, in no specific order: The

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a snail climbing into a cluster of purple flowers with hanging buds

Nature Inspiration

My desire to be outside these days is strong. It’s that seasonal shift, when nature awakens after a long winter, that causes me to come alive, too. I can’t get enough of the colors and textures that surround us, or the sights and sounds of animals, big and small, going

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Not Just Another Doodle Sticker

I had that familiar urge to make a doodle sticker, again, using the scraps from a shipping label for a website order. As I colored in the lines, I reflected on a book I’m reading called Your Brain on Art. It’s a fascinating read, based on research, on how the arts, in every form,

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Chad’s typically the one who places online orders for our groceries, and picks them up when they’re ready. For the second year in a row, on Mother’s Day, he’s come back from getting the groceries with carnations, given to him by the person assisting with the order. “I think they

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New Brand Colors

Last week I was getting ready to buy logo stickers to pack with shipped orders. But when I viewed the art file on my screen, I couldn’t do it. The colors weren’t sitting well.  So, I changed them up and found a solution that feels 100% more like “Copper House

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State of the House – May 2024

Things are clicking along nicely at Copper House North. I’ve finished creating the Christmas greeting card collection, which will include 8 new designs for the holidays. The berries above are a snippet of one, plus the gingerbread cookies below (albeit a bite might be missing from them!). Who can resist

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The Easiest Doodle Sticker

You know how printing shipping labels leaves extra white space around the actual label? For small packages, I print 2 labels per 8.5 x 11 in. page.  Now, I could leave the extra space and just stick the label on the package. But something in my brain says to even

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The Spanish Version of The Miracle Farm is Now Available

You may remember from reading the Introduction in The Miracle Farm, that this calling to write the book began in December 2017. It was a dream fulfilled to publish the English version, almost 5 years later, in September 2022.  A Spanish translation was part of the plan from the beginning,

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April 2024 Gratitude

As I was thinking on what I’d write about today, I knew I wanted to express gratitude. Then I noticed it’s the start of May, and thought I’d share what I was grateful for during the past month. A recurring monthly topic, perhaps? Here’s my April gratitude list, in no

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Where the Digital Art Happens

I love getting to peek inside other artists’ working spaces. So, I decided to share a corner of my own.  It’s an eclectic space, that’s for sure. The shelves contain art supplies of every kind, drawings and paintings from over the years, and objects that have significant personal meaning. It’s

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Photo by Moon DeSetto

Welcome to Copper House North! I’m Christina, an artist, designer, and author of The Miracle Farm. I’m here to share creativity and lessons learned while living this colorful life. Thank you for being here!

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