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Cards in the Shop. A Glimpse of Cabo.

An illustrated greeting card with golden flowers and green leaves that states "You're like family to me".

Isn’t it wonderful to have friends who are like family? I’m thankful for a handful of them in my life. People I can open up to about any subject and know they’re going to listen with empathy, and provide clarity when I need it. That was the sentiment behind creating this greeting card which says, “You’re like family to me”. 


…it’s now available in the CHN online shop, alongside 17 other card designs! 🎉

It feels great to have the “shelves” stocked again, and I hope you find something to love the people in your life well. Currently there’s something for birthdays, Mother’s Day, love and friendship, encouragement, and just to say “thanks”. And now that this milestone has been reached, it’ll soon be time to make new art for Christmas (for real!).

I’ve also added a few notebooks and stickers to the shop, ones I previously had elsewhere on the web. I think they’re perfect to bring under the Copper House North umbrella.

In other news, Chad and I recently spent a few days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, courtesy of his work. It was beautiful. It was our first time there so I didn’t know what to expect, but it reminded me of both coastal California and the Phoenix desert. Which, if you locate Cabo on a map, makes sense!

Highlights of the trip were seeing whales (lots of them!) in the wild for the first time, ample opportunities to practice my Spanish, and spending quality time with Chad and his colleagues. Put me in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I’ll have a great time. But add authentic connection with others? Where you feel like you understand who they truly are (even if just a little) and vice versa? That’s the good stuff. ♥

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Photo by Moon DeSetto

Welcome to Copper House North! I’m Christina, an artist, designer, and author of The Miracle Farm. I’m here to share creativity and lessons learned while living this colorful life. Thank you for being here!

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