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Not Just Another Doodle Sticker

I had that familiar urge to make a doodle sticker, again, using the scraps from a shipping label for a website order. As I colored in the lines, I reflected on a book I’m reading called Your Brain on Art.

It’s a fascinating read, based on research, on how the arts, in every form, literally transform us. How art-making and viewing rewires the neural pathways in our brains. It decreases our anxiety and stress levels, and improves our mental health.

We know this intuitively based on how we feel when we draw or paint, go to the theatre, or listen to a beautiful song. There’s a similar effect when we hike through a green forest. Or sit at the edge of the ocean during a sunset, listening to the crash of the waves and marveling at the colors in the sky. We relax.

The interesting thing to consider is that we can be intentional in surrounding ourselves with art. We can include it in our everyday lives to reap the benefits it offers. The book mentions an increasing number of doctors and therapists prescribing non-traditional treatments like museum visits and sound therapy, to relieve stress and trauma. Prescribing art is something we can do for others, too.

It’s a beautiful thing to think about.

And so, as I packaged the order and drew the rose, I felt happy. And now I’m gaining a better understanding of why. 

The order that received the rose doodle.

Today I was more intentional in listening to good music, too, and it 100% lifted my mood and spirit.

Intentionally surround yourself with art and give it a try. 

I think you’ll find a dose of calm and happiness, there, too.

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