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Snowflakes + the Good in Asking for Help

It’s mid-April and I wonder if I’m the only one living in GA who wishes winter would stay a little longer. That is, if it would snow! 

Snow will always be a novelty to me. I’m not sure I’ll ever get enough. Unless we move to where it snows on a regular basis (I’m dreaming of you, CO!). I’ve finally accepted the four seasons of north GA, though, including winters that are cold enough to snow but are typically drier than paint.

In other news, yesterday I asked a favor of my friends on Facebook. (Does asking for help come naturally to you? It doesn’t for me; I’m an expert in DIY.)

I asked if they would share the names of their favorite gift and stationery shops, ones that might be interested in carrying my greeting cards. I’ve been doing research myself, but realized asking for help would help me reach more than I could accomplish on my own.

Their responses were thoughtful. I’m thankful for those who took a few minutes to share their wisdom. Or just click the “like” button, which helped boost the post. As a result, new opportunities are opening up, ones that wouldn’t exist without their help.

The point is, we shouldn’t shy away from asking for help when we need it, whether it’s a small ask or a big one. Weight gets taken off our shoulders. And those who are able to help receive the benefits of leveraging their time and talents.

Sometimes we need to receive. Other times we need to give. 

These are both good things.

We’re simply better, together.

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Sharing is Caring

Photo by Moon DeSetto

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