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Copper House North at Christmas

mantel decorated for Christmas

Hello! Welcome to the very first blog post for Copper House North. I’m incredibly excited to say those words “out loud”. Thank you for reading, from the bottom of my heart.

Because we’re only days away from Christmas, I found it fitting to share a peek inside the copper house (i.e. our home) and discuss design. We brought the decorations out of storage, untangled the lights, and are enjoying the glow and peacefulness of the season.

Now, this year is a bit different in that we added a few new pieces and subtracted some, too. You see, as much as I love a beautifully-decorated home, I’m not the world’s biggest shopper. When I buy home decor, I have to be convinced 1) I’ll still love it five years from now, and 2) it’s going to last.

For example, the deer candleholders flanking the mantel are at least twenty years old. Yes, twenty. I never grow tired of them and find them just as beautiful today as I did back then.

Does that sound like a boring approach to making a home “yours”? It may be. But it serves us well, saving both time and money.

Side note: As I was standing on the hearth and moving one of the deer, I may have forgotten the candles were on top. Let’s just say, it rained candles!

This year, we also shopped our local Kirkland’s for the first time. It’s funny – we’d driven past it countless times, but never stopped until now.

Talk about being a kid in a candy store! I was pleasantly surprised by their selection of home goods that were not only beautiful but affordable, too (especially when on sale). And, they passed the quality test.

We brought home a “Good Tidings of Comfort and Joy” art print and made it the focal point of the mantel. An object can be a focal point, just by being larger than everything that surrounds it.

good tidings of comfort and joy sign

A large wreath previously hung there, one I made using greenery, ornaments, ribbon, and hot glue. It’s – you guessed it – twenty years old. It’s still lovely and only needs a touch of glue but my husband, Chad, finally had enough of it (and maybe I needed a change, too).

We also snagged the birch bark candle, with its natural, papery texture, and the mini pine in the gold planter, on our Kirkland’s visit.

Have you ever wondered what makes red and green “pop” when paired together? The answer is they’re opposites on the color wheel. Like blue with orange, and yellow with purple, they have the highest amount of contrast between them, which catches our eye.

pear stocking holder

Speaking of contrast, a fun part of decorating is finding interesting ways to bring contrast, repetition, and balance into the room. I’m not a fan of everything being matchy-matchy. But, having some repeated elements makes for good design.

The repeated red, green, and gold, and matching deer, pears, and stockings fit that bill. And while the birch candleholder and mini pine are different, their heights are similar. They balance each other.

Let’s talk about the wreath I have sitting on the hearth, though.

I solely placed it there for balance. Some years I set potted poinsettias on the brick. This year I didn’t even think about it, so it must not have been that important!

It proves a point that you can place objects in non-traditional spaces (who says a wreath has to be hung on a wall?) to complete an overall design.

Confession: I've since fluffed the bow and moved the wreath to the front door, since I was just waiting to get a hook to hang it on. Now the hearth is unbalanced and I don't even care...much. 😉

Another fun find was this striking deer print, originally painted by artist Susan Comish. I hadn’t heard her name but, after browsing her incredible work, I’m guessing I’ve seen her art before, without being aware of the artist behind it.

The print carries the deer theme into the kitchen and fits perfectly above the coffee bar.

deer art print christmas
The print is embellished with paint for texture. ♥

Last but not least, we’ve been enjoying our coffee with these festive Christmas mugs. I was drawn to the simple tree illustrations with sketchy lines.

These will be keepers for at least five years, probably more. Unless we drop one. That would be a catastrophe.

It’s been nice to make these small changes this Christmas. Many years, I wish the season lasted a bit longer, so we could enjoy the music, lights, and decorations for more than a few weeks. 

Christmas 24/7/365, anyone?

Well, thank you so much for reading the first post for Copper House North. I’m looking forward to carving out this space on the internet, to discuss design and creativity and life and intention, together.

If you’d leave a comment sharing your thoughts below, I’d appreciate that!

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4 Responses

  1. You are witty like your grandmother… I like that somewhat carefree trait! Love all the wonderful finds! You REALLY aren’t a shopper if you’ve never been in Kirkland’s… don’t u wish u could bottle up their awesome odor in their store!!!

    1. Love that side of her. ♥ You know, we’d been in Kirkland’s forever ago (not this one) but I didn’t find anything I loved. Either their inventory has changed or my taste has changed, or both. But yes, it’s going to be hard to stay away!

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