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June 2024 Gratitude

There are still a few days left in June but, since it’s the weekend, thought I’d go ahead and share my monthly gratitude list. This upcoming weekend will, no doubt, contribute to next month’s list, too.

As always, in no specific order (except for the first one, perhaps!):

  • The life of my grandma.
  • Chad – I had a poignant moment, while grieving, where I was incredibly thankful he was by my side.
  • Finished work on my website, where retailers can now order directly on the site (vs. using email + invoicing).
  • Finished the Leverage Your Art course. It was comprehensive and a worthwhile investment, a resource I can refer back to when I need it.
  • Finished reorganizing my office, including Chad setting up a 2nd monitor for my computer. I’ve only ever used 1 monitor at a time…and it feels great to not have to keep switching between tabs!
  • A visit with one of my oldest friends, who I met in 5th grade. So good to catch up, after far too long.
  • Visits with family.
  • A wedding in the family, too!
  • Walks & hiking in nature with friends.
  • Starting to make art for the next collection! It had been weeks since I’d picked up the pencil and was feeling it. It’s wonderful to be in creation mode again.
  • Podcasts and books – I’m not sure where I’d be without them. They are a regular part of my week and an easy way to learn about art and business, 2 of my favorite topics. Also, once in a (very) blue moon, I read nonfiction. I’m currently reading Eruption, a book started by the late Michael Crichton and finished by James Patterson. It landed on my radar thanks to Amazon advertising (to which I thought I was immune, ha), and the combination of those 2 authors intrigued me. It’s a bit anxiety-inducing, though, and I’m only a few chapters in. It’s also one of those books that’s hard to put down.

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