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Saying Goodbye

My precious Grandma left this earth, on Saturday, at the age of 90.

I was reading a tribute written by my aunt and was reminded it’s possible to hold grief and joy at the same time. I’m going to share some of her words here, trusting it’s okay, because I can’t say it better.


“My mother was one of 18 children. She had me when she was 39. She was a nurse since before I was born & retired in her 70s. She was a teacher’s aide. She was a puzzle book master and did countless jigsaw puzzles. She loved the casino and when she didn’t win she claimed to have just donated that day to the “reservation”, specifically production of baby moccasins. 😉

My mother nurtured and taught me so many lessons. She was strict with her rules but always gave valid reasons for her rules when I was growing up.

My mother is now with her family, her 2 sons, and a host of friends celebrating with Jesus – walking the streets of golden Casinos… she is no longer in pain, no longer worried about her health and her children, and is rejoicing with the angels of the Lord!”


It was “walking the streets of golden Casinos” that had me laughing through tears. If you knew Grandma, you knew. 🤣

From a *very* large family, a nurse, teacher’s aide, nurturing, strict but not without reason…that tells you just how loving and people-oriented she was. She touched COUNTLESS lives for the better.

I’ll forever be grateful she was my Grandma. I owe so much of who I am to her, including my creative spirit.

To Grandma – well done. I’ll cherish the memories of you, for all the days of my life. Until we meet again… ♥

To my entire Camacho family – I love you. ♥

Grandma was bright and spunky. I took this photo the last time we were together...I think she'd like it.

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2 Responses

  1. What a beautiful tribute.. I am so happy that you and Chad were able to make it to her 90th. We never saw any sign that day of what we had in store for 2024. She was full of joy and absolutely enjoyed every moment, in her home town, celebrating with family and friends. 90 is a long time to be on this earth. I am grateful that Jesus leant her to us for all these years. She has known what it is like to be on this earth without us (before we were born)… but it is going to be very foreign knowing what is like to live on this earth without her. I will keep your reminder at the forefront of my mind – that “I owe so much of who I am to her…” That is how I will choose to live all my days left without her… I will keep living life with the values and lessons she has gifted me. Thank you Christina – for spreading joy and the Word whenever you can. I love you.

    1. Mostly written by you, Rachel! In hindsight, her 90th birthday party was the ultimate send-off. ♥ She was SO happy…that’s a memory we’ll always have. I can’t thank you enough for organizing and inviting us. Yes, Grandma had such a presence! I feel her absence, but I imagine it’s 100-fold for you & the rest of her children. It will take time, probably a long time, for the ache to ease. But it will. And you’ll be able to celebrate all the reminders of her…because they’re everywhere, especially in our family! Love you.

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