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May 2024 Gratitude

A large, showy, red rose.

I’m keeping the ball rolling with a monthly gratitude list. It’s a great way to reflect on all that’s happened and what’s been accomplished in the past month, so I remember to celebrate and be grateful for individual each thing.

Here’s my May gratitude list, in no specific order:

  1. The first wholesale order of Copper House North greeting cards went out the door! What a beautiful milestone that was.
  2. There were a few more retail orders via the website. Packing pretty orders, filled with items meant to be shared, has made me so happy.
  3. Starting to receive customer feedback on the cards and notebooks. From Diane saying, “love my items,” Leona saying the notebooks are a “big hit”, and my mom saying the cards need to be “out there” because they’re “better than Hallmark” (lol)…this direct feedback is wonderful and helps me keep going. #grateful
  4. I’ve learned the process of registering the copyright for my artwork. It’s not something I’ve considered in the past. But now, as I build stronger & stronger pieces of art, print them on products, and pitch them to shops and art directors, it’s a necessary thing to do. Copyright infringement is real and, unfortunately, something I’ve had to deal with recently. What am I thankful for? Being prepared the next time it happens, and for the ability to enter contractual relationships with confidence.
  5. The Christmas collection is finished! I feel confident it’s going to expand my product line in a good way, and lead to more wholesale relationships. I’ll be pitching the cards to retailers starting next week. Very exciting.
  6. I added a Portfolio page to this website for the first time. It’s there that I’ll showcase my work for art licensing, an avenue I’ve wanted to go down for a long time. If you visit the page now, you’ll see the mini-collection I’ve created for fall!
  7. Creating videos of yourself, talking into the camera, for social media is a humbling experience. You can’t think too much about it, or you’ll judge your appearance, the sound of your voice, etc. Though I don’t necessarily enjoy creating videos, I’m grateful for the opportunity to get better at it, gain more confidence, and continue to work through anxiety that wants to haunt me (but I won’t let it)!
  8. After a dry April for The Miracle Farm book sales, there’s been an uptick this month, perhaps related to the announcement of the Spanish version being released (does one ever know exactly how the online world works?). That makes me so happy because it means I get to send proceeds to La Casa de mi Padre, once again. 
  9. More walking & hiking trips to get outside and catch up with a friend. Life-giving.
  10. Sitting on the porch and just “being”.
  11. Watching the hummingbirds at the feeder. Chad and I have a system, now, where I mix the nectar and he cleans the feeder. It used to be me who did it all, so I like this new system. But don’t tell Chad he has the hardest part, ha.
  12. Chad’s been helping cook dinner more frequently. We had a true partnership in that area, back when I worked in corporate, that had (somewhat) gone missing over the years since I left corporate. But now that I’m all-in with Copper House North, he sees how difficult it’s been to wear all-the-hats and get things off the ground! Super thankful for his help.
  13. Phone calls with my parents.
  14. I swapped out my old computer for one with a faster processor. It was way overdue and disruptive to move years of data! But now I’m auto-syncing files vs. manually backing them up (I know, I know) and it feels much better.
  15. Summer vacation is finally on the calendar. We won’t be going out west this time (I’ll miss it so much!) but I’m grateful to know a reset is coming soon.

As always, I’d love to hear what you’re grateful for, if you’d like to share in the comments.


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