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Send Them

In 2016, I downloaded several books by artist and designer Kate Harper. It was the first year I dove into digital drawing, and the first year I had ever made greeting cards…all 4 of them. In hindsight, my design ideas were good but I still had more work to do on illustration technique. 

I quickly read Kate’s books. And then I laid them down for the next 8 years.

The other day, I was brainstorming how to market my cards for Copper House North. I suddenly remembered that, somewhere on my Kindle, I had a book that could help. I scrolled through and, lo and behold, found the book titled Unusual Ways to Market Your Greeting Cards.

I skimmed through it again, and a particular section caught my eye. The advice was so practical. It would make me happy. And others, too.

“Send them.”

Kate’s advice was to send the cards out into the world, at every opportunity. Need to pay a bill via snail mail? Send it in a card. Have a business letter to send out? Write it inside a card, instead. It doesn’t get easier than that.

In a world of digital-everything, the handwritten note will always be a beautiful contrast. When I personally receive one, I can’t help but appreciate the time it took for someone to write it.

So…I’m sending them.

Thank you, Kate, for bringing the obvious to my attention. Sometimes I need that.



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Photo by Moon DeSetto

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