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Making It Personal

How do you make a world of digital screens feel personal? It’s been a challenge of mine for years.

Things that happen in real interactions, like showing your face, giving a smile, or speaking words of encouragement, take extra effort online. Pose for the camera. Record and edit a video. Share on social media. It’s effort that doesn’t feel natural to me.

But, as this fire burns inside to expand the reach of Copper House North, I must do all I can to invite you in. To convey this isn’t just an online brand selling products, but a mission to have a positive impact in the world: to create beauty through art; to share love and kindness through handwritten notes; to give to children in need as more people discover and read The Miracle Farm.

There is humanity behind the brand.

With that in mind, I recently shared a few fun-facts about me, the artist behind Copper House North, on social media.

Here they are:

  1. I geek out over colors, textures, patterns, and good design.
  2. Quality time with others, especially one-on-one, is my love language.
  3. I learned how to drive using a stick-shift. I was also driving ATVs before I was old enough to drive (hashtag suspect)
  4. I’ve been married to Chad for 25 years, even though we’re not old enough for that to be true.
  5. I often say, “Keep moving until you can’t move anymore” and try to practice what I preach.
  6. 99% of the time I drink only water, with the exception of a daily cup of coffee.
  7. I can’t hide my emotions to save my life.
  8. I was a software developer before I switched to making art.
  9. I’m okay with mixing different types of foods. I once got “caught” scooping guacamole with a chocolate chip cookie.
  10. In my early teens I was a huge NKOTB fan and lost my mind when they reunited in 2008. There, I said it.

I also reiterated the beauty in using the Copper House North name vs. my own, as it indicates “we” vs. “me”. Truly, it takes a village.

It takes me pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, as a business owner and leader, in order to grow. I’ve been slowly working through specific fears over the years and can gladly say I’m not the person I used to be.

But, there is still work ahead of me.

I just enrolled in Stacie Bloomfield’s course titled Leverage Your Art, to get help in implementing systems to allow Copper House North to grow. To be challenged to take bigger risks.

I have some ideas about what that will look like.

But if I’m brave enough, things are going to get more personal around this digital space. It’s the next best thing to having a brick & mortar shop, where we could chat in person.

Thank you for being here!

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Sharing is Caring

Photo by Moon DeSetto

Welcome to Copper House North! I’m Christina, an artist, designer, and author of The Miracle Farm. I’m here to share creativity and lessons learned while living this colorful life. Thank you for being here!

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