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The Spanish Version of The Miracle Farm is Now Available

You may remember from reading the Introduction in The Miracle Farm, that this calling to write the book began in December 2017. It was a dream fulfilled to publish the English version, almost 5 years later, in September 2022. 

A Spanish translation was part of the plan from the beginning, too. Spanish is the first language of the children at La Casa de mi Padre in El Salvador, and of most of those who directly serve them. The book project wouldn’t be complete without a translation.

I expected La finca El Milagro to also be completed in 2022, or close to it. But as I was reminded while writing the English version, timing is often out of our control. There was an unexpected start and stop to the translation that year. The translation work then shifted to two individuals in El Salvador, who are deeply invested in the vision of La Casa de mi Padre. Who better to translate such intimate stories than those who know the children and organization first-hand?

Once the translation was complete, then came the long process of digital proofing, editing, and formatting. There were several cycles of this until finally, earlier this year, a proof was ready to be printed.

The proof copy of La finca El Milagro.

I read the book myself, word for word. Why? To ensure nothing major slipped through the cracks. And, to immerse myself, once again, in the beautiful stories of hope and healing at La Casa. While Spanish isn’t my first language, I’ve learned enough to read it without too much trouble, especially since I was already familiar with the stories. Still, it took awhile. 😉

You would think after all the proofing that had been done, the printed version would be perfect. And it was close. But there were still a handful of errors that made it through, including my own, that needed correcting.

I can’t describe the feeling, though, when I made the final (final) edits and uploaded the manuscript to Amazon. It was as polished as we could make it. Finishing this book was the completion of a dream that started in my kitchen 6+ years ago. 

I jumped up and down a few times. Cried tears of joy and relief. And gave thanks to God for inviting me to go on this journey.

So, it’s my honor to announce that La finca El Milagro is now available in paperback format

I realize that if you’re reading this blog post, you may or may not read Spanish. If you do, this book’s for you! If not, you likely know someone who does.

Will you help this book reach a wider audience by sharing it with someone you think might like to read it? 

As with the English version, all proceeds will be given directly to La Casa de mi Padre, to help them continue to serve children in need.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


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