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April 2024 Gratitude

As I was thinking on what I’d write about today, I knew I wanted to express gratitude. Then I noticed it’s the start of May, and thought I’d share what I was grateful for during the past month. A recurring monthly topic, perhaps?

Here’s my April gratitude list, in no specific order:

  1. Copper House North had its first 3 website orders! Every new business starts at 0 and those early sales are incredibly meaningful. I’m grateful to those who ordered. And also emotional thinking about who will receive the cards and notebooks that went out. It’s my heartfelt desire for them to feel loved.
  2. CHN also received a verbal “yes” from 2 independent shops wanting to start a wholesale partnership! The timing for these will vary, but I’m trusting they’ll happen in due time. This dream, of offering cards and working with shops, started 6 months ago and I’m grateful to see it slowly taking shape.
  3. We’re finishing week 2 of the Leverage Your Art course, and I continue to learn things that will make CHN better. It’s also been wonderful to virtually meet other artists on a similar path.
  4. I’ve had regular, weekly meetings with Moon, who is also an artist on her own creative journey. We spur each other on as we discuss new ideas and challenges we’re facing.
  5. Visited with family in their new home in GA.
  6. Had a quarterly lunch (that spans hours) with dear friends.
  7. Participated in the March of Dimes with Chad and his work colleagues. I enjoyed catching up with those I knew and meeting those I didn’t.
  8. Chad’s been “tinkering” (as he calls it) on the piano for the first time in years. He’s been playing beautiful chords that go straight to my heart.
  9. Randomly ran into a friend as I was headed into the doctor’s office, and she was leaving it.
  10. Grateful for family who loves others well.
  11. Had a catch-up call with a new(‘ish) friend.
  12. The CHN Christmas collection is almost finished!
  13. There’s one more thing I’m extremely grateful for, but it deserves a blog post of its own (coming soon).
Recognizing and recording the things you’re grateful for creates more gratitude. More joy. It’s a beautiful, upward spiral.
If you’re grateful for something specific, too, feel free to share it in the comments below!

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