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New Fox Designs (and the Personal Story Behind Them)

A black tote bag with a red fox sitting among the trees under a starry sky.

The fox is a prime subject in my latest designs. Today, I’m sharing the story behind them.

It was mid-August of this year, and I woke up one morning right before 7am. There was golden sunlight filtering through the bedroom windows, a light so unusual, I became confused about the time of day. (I can only remember that happening once in my lifetime, when I was sick as a child, and I slept the afternoon away.)

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Was it storming, with such strange light? I glanced over to Chad’s side of the bed, and he was missing. More confusion. Was it evening?

My clock confirmed it was 6:50-something in the morning. And while my brain tried to accept that fact, my senses still told a different story.

I rushed to the window and pulled back the curtains. I needed to make sense of the surreal display of color and light. (Opening the curtains, first thing, is also something I rarely do.)

That’s when something moved in the corner of my eye, down below.

Before I continue, I have to share a quick backstory. Chad and I had visited Steamboat Springs, CO in June, to experience the town during the summertime. Prior to that we had only visited during the winter.

While there I saw a fox in the wild for the first time, as it traversed the hill behind the place we were staying, scrounging for an evening meal. It made me so happy to watch it, as I finally understood why the words “fox” and “sly” are often paired together. It was also an affirmation that I’ll never stop being fascinated by nature.

Okay, back to the main story (and back to Georgia).

When I looked down from our window, there was not only one but TWO foxes, chasing each other and burrowing in the pine straw, their fluffy tails swishing without a care in the world.

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief.

This was the best shot I could get of the foxes, which captured the moment even if it didn't capture the light very well!

It was a magical moment, as if God was saying, “Here, have an extra dose of joy on me, today.”

And so…the fox is now a special animal in my heart, one I hope to see again. Side note: we did see one of the foxes among the trees the next day, so they may have been (or are) living near our house.

Then, when I started working on a new pattern collection, naturally the fox came to mind and I drew one to include in the main pattern. I also took the fox and created a design that stood apart on its own. When it was finished, I envisioned it on a t-shirt, one that I’d love to wear!

Here I am wearing the fox shirt, cheesin' it up for the camera.

I couldn’t stop with just a t-shirt, though: the fox was perfect for a tote bag and wall art, too.

An art print of a red fox sitting among spruce trees under a starry sky. Printed on a gray background.

And last but not least, a sticker, one you can place on a water bottle, laptop, car, you name it.

To offer each of these designs, I’ve re-opened my online shop after three long years (whoa!).

Visit my Etsy shop to choose a fox, just for you. ♥



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Photo by Moon DeSetto

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