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You’re the Best

November 10, 2023 is the first day I can remember having thoughts about starting a wholesale greeting card line. The next day, I shared the idea with several close friends over lunch. One by one, they affirmed my idea and even offered their support for when I needed it. 

It gave me goosebumps.

Because…it was already more than an idea. It was more like a vision

For the first time in my creative business, I could see my artwork reaching others on a larger scale, and making a larger impact. It would also require more people being involved vs. just me. And I really liked the sound of that.

Well, here I am just over 2 months later, inching closer and closer to that goal.

I’ve completed the artwork, exported (and re-exported) the digital files so they are print-ready, and sent them off to have samples made. I’m eager to hold them in my hands for the first time.

The next big thing that needed to happen was the creation of a line sheet/catalog for the card line, making it easy for retailers to place orders.

To be honest, designing a catalog sounded overwhelming, given all the other to-do’s on my list. I wanted to outsource it but couldn’t justify the expense, since I haven’t even started selling cards, yet!

So, I dove in…and was totally surprised.

As it turns out, creating layouts in InDesign is super satisfying to me! I spent hours in that beautiful flow state, aligning images, choosing font styles and colors, writing wholesale terms, and a company bio. 

It was like making art: you’re often surprised by that new thing you made on your screen or canvas or piece of paper, something that didn’t exist before.

Today the catalog is 95% complete and that makes me so stinkin’ happy!

Next I’ll be ordering shipping supplies, making any needed adjustments to the art based on the printed samples, ordering my first batch of cards, and reaching out to local retailers.

You’re the best for joining me on this journey. ♥

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Photo by Moon DeSetto

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